Sedona Bird Watching

Canyon Wren Cabins—a Birder's Paradise!

"The Canyon Wren is building a reputation among those who know their juncos from their grosbeaks as THE getaway in Sedona for top-notch birding . . . The Canyon Wren's proximity to Oak Creek, the nearby cliff faces and the variety of foliage in the area make it ideal for birding, and wildlife photographers love the feeders in the gardens that give them once-in-a lifetime close-up shots."

— from Sarah Horton's article "Birds of a Feather Flock to Canyon Wren Cabins for Two"

"If, however, you're the type who would rather lay in bed and gaze at the fire than get up at the crack of dawn to see a Western Wood Pewee, there are still plenty of reasons to stay at Canyon Wren."

When you tire of bird watching or gazing at one another, several of Oak Creek Canyon's best features are just minutes away including ...Slide Rock State Park, West Fork and Oak Creek itself just across the road. For all your birding supplies, please visit

Click here for a full list of birds that live in and visit our area.

"The accommodations at Canyon Wren were very comfortable, each with a small private garden retreat. Bird lovers would enjoy the abundance of birds and hummingbirds that are constantly flying around. The location is near to Sedona's "downtown", but feels secluded. We would definitely recommend a stay!